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Welcome to abokika - a leather goods brand designed and handcrafted from an independent workshop in London.

I’m Akiko, the designer and crafter behind abokika.                                                                After years of experience as a handbag designer and Leather craftsman in Tokyo and London, abokika was founded in 2016 to embody a unique combination of Japanese and British craftsmanship.

abokika’s concept is to create timeless, functional objects that are simple, traditional yet contemporary, to last a lifetime

My products are all handmade from start to finish using traditional saddlery techniques, such as saddle stitching and hand burnishing for optimum quality and durability.

I only use the finest vegetable tanned leather from Europe with each piece carefully selected by myself.

Leather is a natural material, and as with all handmade items, each item will have individual and distinct characteristics. I believe this is the beauty in leather and handmade products.

I believe in slow fashion and in trying my best to produce sustainable leather accessories.


My workshop in London


August 2019 - I experienced life as a leather craftsman at 'La Vacchetta Grassa' in Modena, Italy. (Giorgio, me and Giulia)


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